Wanbao Minerals Comica successfully shipped the first batch of copper cathodes



On August 26, the first batch of copper cathodes for the second-phase oxide ore project of Comika Mining Simple Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Comika Company") was successfully loaded and shipped, marking the official start of product sales and funding for the second-phase oxide ore project Withdrawal stage.

Comica has connected the production and sales of copper cathodes in an orderly manner, timely docked with Wanbao Minerals Marketing Department, planned the sales framework in advance, improved the sales plan, completed the bidding and contract negotiation in the second quarter of this year, and clarified the responsibilities of both parties Preparatory work for borders and contracts before shipment.

On August 6, in accordance with the requirements of the Central Government and local governments of the Congo (DRC), Comica implemented the "Unblocking Epidemic" work model. In order to ensure the smooth start of the shipment work under the premise that the epidemic prevention and control is in place, Comika’s Ministry of Commerce, smelter, inspection center and other departments have coordinated and worked closely to overcome the impact of the epidemic, and carried out inspections, warehousing, sampling, inspection, and export. The entire process of the library was sorted out, the "Measures for the Management of Foreign Vehicles During the Epidemic Period" was formulated and improved, and transportation vehicles were strictly supervised and managed to ensure safe and smooth delivery. A total of 800 tons of copper cathode are expected to be shipped this month, and it is expected that more than 7,500 tons of copper will be shipped throughout the year.

In the face of the spreading trend of the African epidemic, Comika has overcome the shortage of project personnel and unstable import and export policies. All Comika people abide by their mission and responsibilities, and go all out to overcome all difficulties. After the second phase of copper cathode production is 28 The rapid shipment within days greatly encouraged the morale of all employees of Comica. At the same time, in the favorable environment of the rebound of international copper prices, the successful delivery of copper cathodes effectively eased the investment pressure of the project and provided strong support for the project construction. In the next step, Comika will continue to prepare for the second phase of cobalt hydroxide product sales of oxidized ore, and help Wanbao Minerals to successfully complete the "13th Five-Year Plan" goal!




As well as making ongoing continuously efforts to improve the quality of products and services.

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